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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream. Discover”         Mark Twain



Summer Night Ride - Each Tuesday Evening at 8 pm
Start at Chesterfield Farm, Knoxfield. Next ride Tuesday 15th April
Night rides will finish at end of April

More and more riders are discovering just how magical it can be riding under a starry sky at night. These rides will continue until the end of April (or until the winter weather sets in). Our next night ride will be on Tuesday 15th April. There will only be another two opportunities after tonight to join us under the stars, so don't miss out.

Next Thursday Ride - Normal Warburton Trail Ride
Thursday 17th April - start at Woori Yallock at 12 noon

Our series of Summer Breakfast rides has now officially come to an end. We now return to the standard start time of 12 noon at Woori Yallock station. Our next Warby Trail ride will be next Thursday 17th April.

In just a few weeks our Scandinavia and UK Ride teams will be leaving Australia

At the start of June our teams will be leaving for Finland, Sweden and the UK. With a total of 24 riders taking part, this will be our biggest ever overseas contingent. Plans have now been finalised for our 2015 European rides, so let me know if you want to be a part of them.



******NEW NEW NEW******
Ghostrider 2014 Calendar
FREE Download !

The new 2013 Ghostrider Calendar is now available for immediate download in pdf format. Simply click here to download it to your computer. The new full colour calendar features a new series of images from our 2013 rides in Bhutan and France. It not only shows all public and school holidays, but all planned Ghostrider activities for the new year ahead. Why not download it now and print it out for future reference ? You may also like to print it out to give to friends as a talking point.

You have no excuse for ever missing a favourire ride when you have ready access to all our rides for the next twelve months. !


Ghostriders Scandinavian Ride- Ride Now Fully Booked
24 applications already received in first two weeks
Both Scandinavia and UK Coast to Coast are now full !

Plans for our 2014 Scandinavian and UK Coast to Coast rides are now complete. Our Scandinavian ride will take place in June 2014 and will begin in Helsinki and finish in Stockholm. In between will be 18 amazing days of cycling and sightseeing in this wonderful part of Europe. AFter the Scandinavian ride is complete we will be proceeding to the UK to complete the famous "Coast to Coast" route.

Since opening applications two weeks ago we have now received 24 applications for Scandinavia and 10 for the UK ride. This means that both trips are now full.


Ghostriders 2013 Bhutan and Thailand Cycling Adventure
Now Safely Completed!

I am pleased to say that the last of our participants have now returned safely to Australia following the completion of our 2013 Bhutan and Thailand Cycling Adventures. This trip was memorable for all the right reasons - we had a fantastic group of participants, the logistics went without a hitch, our support staff were amazing, the hotels were much better than we expected, we survived the world's most dangerous landing (and take off) at Paro airport and we had no cycling accidents in spite of cycling hundreds of km on some of the world's worst roads. We all LOVED Bhutan and counted it a real privelege to have had the change to visit one of the world's few remaining unique cultures. The heat of Thailand was a challenge but we all prevailed in spite of the 40C and high humidity. I have returned approx 5 kg lighter than when I left so I will have to work hard to put back on the weight I have lost. As soon as I have had a chance to go through my pictures I will start posting some images of our trip.

Ghostriders Turkish Delights & Greek Odyssey Adventures
Now Completed !

I am pleased to announce that our 2012 Turkish Delights and Greek Odyssey Adventures are now completed with all our our participants now safely back home in Australia. Like all our previous adventures, these latest two were full of highlights (some of them planned). In the next few weeks I will share some images and stories from our amazing experiences. Our next overseas adventure is schduled for May 2013 when we will be heading off to Bhutan on an exciting bicycling journey through the hidden kingdom in the Himalayas.

Ghostriders in Cappadocia, Turkey in September 2012.


Overseas Adventure Challenges
Q. What's Next ?
A.New Zealand - March 2014

Question: What do the places Kunming, Kathmandu, Delhi, Bangkok, Munich, Dali, Li Jiang, Jaipur, Yangshuo, Vienna, Budapest, Guilin, Paris, London, Agora, Hong Kong, Dubai, Pokhara, Passau, Santiago, Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Livingstone, Swakopmund, Johanessburg, Pretoria, Prague, Dresden, Ulm, Istanbul, Antalya, Athens, Thira, Delphi, Ephesus, Wangaratta, Thimphu, Paro, Bangkok, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown and Warburton all have in common ?
Answer: They have all been visited by the Ghostriders in the past 8 years !

2006 Tiger Leaping Gorge 1 - completed
2007 - Tiger Leaping Gorge 2 - completed
2008 - Limestone Trail - completed
Mar 2009 - Annapurna-Dhauligiri A (Trek)- completed
Mar 2009 - Annapurna-Dhauligiri B (Trek) - completed
Apr 2009 - India Discovery Tour - completed
Apr 2009 - Cambodia & Angkor Watt - completed
Sep 2009 - Danube Ride (Europe) - completed
Sep 2010 - Peru Cycle & Inca Trail Trek- completed
Oct 2010 - Argentina & Iguassu Falls - completed
Aug/Sep 2011 - European Ride - Ulm to Passau - completed
Sep 2011 - Czech Surprise - Elbe River Ride - completed
April 2012 - Under African Skies (African Safari) - completed
Sep 2012 - Turkish Delights (Cycle and Trek) - completed
Oct 2012 - Greek Odyssey - completed
May 2013 - Ghostriders Bhutan by Bike - completed
May 2013 - Thailand - Burma Railway Cycle - completed

Sep 2013
- Loire Valley Ride in France - completed
March 2014 - New Zealand South Island Explorer - completed
June 2014 - Scandinavian Cycle - Finland A Team - full
June 2014 - Scandinavia Cycle - Finland B Team - full
June 2014 - Scandinavia Cycle - Sweden A Team - full
June 2014 - Scandinavia Cycle - Sweden B Team - full
June/July 2014 - UK bike ride- full
2015 -Ride from Venice to Florence (now open )
- Loire River Ride in France (now open - book early
2015/2016 - Possible Cuba Ride (TBC)
2016 - Possible Turkey Panorama (TBC)
2016 - South America Adventure (TBC)
Within 3 years - Possible Antarctic Adventure (TBC)



All overseas adventures are open to men and women who are fit and active with well developed senses of adventure and good sense of humour. You do not have to be an experienced cyclist but you will need to be prepared to complete a realistic training program to adequately prepare for the challenges ahead.

You can either stay at home and think of a hundred reasons why you can't go, or else you can take a step at fulfilling some of your dreams. Once the decision is made, the details have a way of taking care of themselves.

I can also arrange to meet with your cycling group to give them more information on these trips. Ring me on 03 5968 3307 for details.

Previous Ride Stories (The Warby Archives)

In the interests of keeping this page to a manageable size I have archived some ride stories to another page. If you've got some time to spare you can read dozens of previous adventures by clicking here. E-mail messages should be sent to Dennis.

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Upcoming Rides & Activities (or see full 2014 calendar HERE)

  • Tues April 8th - Night Ride - start at Chesterfield Farm at 8 pm
  • Thurs April 10th - Alternate Thursday Ride - start at Malvern East Golf Club at 10 am
  • Sat April 12th - Ladies Ride - start in Pakenham at 9 am
  • Sun April 13th - Walhalla Forest Ride - start in Erica at 10 am sharp
  • Tues April 15th - Night Ride - start at Chesterfield Farm at 8 pm
  • Thurs April 17th - Warby Trail Ride - start at Woori Yallock at 12 noon
  • Sat April 19th - Dan's Warby Trail ride - start in Mt Evelyn at 9.30 am
  • Tues April 22nd - Night Ride - start at Chesterfield Farm at 8 pm
  • Thurs April 24th - Alternate Thursday Ride - start at Blackburn Lake at 10 am
  • Fri April 25th - Anzac Day - Acheron Way Ride to Narbethong - start at Cement Creek at 10 am
  • Sat April 26th - Ladies Ride - start in Pakenham at 9 am
  • Tues April 29th - Final Night Ride - start at Chesterfield Farm at 8 pm

Ride Stories

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Overseas Adventure Challenges

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2011 Ulm to Vienna Ride - see the video on YouTube
2011 Prague to Dresden - video available soon
Click HERE for the 2012 Under African Skies Story
2012 Under African Skies - African Safari (completed)
2012 "Turkish Delights" Adventure (completed)
2012 "Greek Odyssey" Adventure (completed)
2013 French Revolutions - Cycling Trip (completed)
2013 Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon -completed
2013 Thailand - Burma Railway Cycle - completed
2014 New Zealand South Island - completed
2014 Scandinavia Ride in Finland and Sweden - full
2015 Loire Valley Cycle from Orleans to the Atlantic (applications open)
2015 Danube Ride from Ulm to Vienna (TBC)
2015 Italy Ride from Venice to Florence (TBC)
2015/16 Ride around Cuba (TBC)
2016 South America Ride (TBC)
2016 Turkey Explorer (TBC)


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